Can't regenerate thumbnails

Hello. I’ve been working with Stagsi for a while now and have been enjoying it. However, lately I’ve encountered a bug I thought was worth reporting. Initially the problem started at around 4000-5000 objects and is still persisting at around ~20,000. No thumbnails have been generating for any newly added GIFs or PNGs. When I go to regenerate the thumbnails, the program crashes. I’ve tried reverting to earlier versions and still have the same issue. Any help?

(windows 11)

Also - is there anyway to change multiple objects to the same thumbnail? Meaning, can I select, let’s say, 100~ objects at the same time and then change all of their thumbnails at one? (to the same selected image of course)

I fixed the regenerating thumbnails thing by moving the database I was working on to the root database in the %appdata% folder (the database that opens when you first launch Stagsi).
The program closed like before but regenerated the thumbnails like intended.

But if anyone has any advice on selecting multiple objects and changing the thumbnails all at once, let me know…