Installer problems

Trying to install Stagsi on a second computer, the installer is throwing the following exception. It’s perhaps related that the link in the offline instructions leads to a 404, but I’ve confirmed that I have .NET framework newer than 4.6.2 installed. I’m working on some more troubleshooting but I haven’t figured it out so far.

The type initializer for '<Module>' threw an exception.

   at N7z.N7zdec.DecodeStream(Stream stream, Int64 dataOffset, Int64 dataLength, Boolean extractAllEntries, List`1 entriesToExtract, N7zipArchiveInfo& info)
   at Soletude.Updater.Infrastructure.FilePackage.ExtractToDirectory7z(String sourceArchiveFileName, String destinationDirectory, String archiveDirectory, Nullable`1 offset, Nullable`1 length)
   at Soletude.Updater.Updater.FilesUpdater.Prepare(Nullable`1 offset, Nullable`1 length, String pipe, String archiveUrl)
   at Soletude.Updater.Updater.FilesUpdater.Update(String source, Nullable`1 offset, Nullable`1 length, Boolean uninstall, String destinationDirectoryName, Boolean useTxF, String comment, String pipe, String archiveUrl)
   at Soletude.Updater.Infrastructure.DataUpdater.ValidateAndUpdate(IProgramUpdater programUpdater, String source, Nullable`1 offset, Nullable`1 length, Boolean interactive, Boolean uninstall, String programDirectory, String pipe, String archiveUrl, Action afterUpdate)
   at Soletude.Updater.Infrastructure.DataUpdater.ProcessArchive(String packageSource, String archiveUrl, Nullable`1 offset, Nullable`1 length, Boolean interactive, Boolean uninstall)
   at Soletude.Updater.Program.ProcessInstallCommand(InstallCommand installCommand)
   at Soletude.Updater.Program.UpdaterMode()
   at Soletude.Updater.Program.Main(String[] args)


C:\Program Files (x86)\Stagsi\Sup.exe

/install /archive C:\Users\jesse\Downloads\Stagsi-0.74.1712(1).exe /offset 520716,2835389 /fresh



Name = Windows 10
Edition = Professional
Service Pack = None
Version = 10.0.22621.0
Environment = Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0
ProcessorBits = Bit64
OSBits = Bit64
ProgramBits = Bit32

Config = C:\Program Files (x86)\Stagsi\Sup.json
  "VersionURL": "disabled://",
  "ProgramID": "Stagsi",
  "ProgramTitle": "Stagsi",
  "ProgramPath": "."

Hidden = False
Track = 
KeepRunning = False
Interactive = True
Administrator = True
LocalSystem = False

Well, you can use the portable version which is the same but doesn’t create shortcuts and stuff. Either download an archive rather than an installer or open the installer as if it were an archive with 7-Zip (right-click on the installer, 7-Zip, Open archive). Then extract dist anywhere (in Program Files, etc.). Or you can simply copy/paste the Stagsi folder from your first PC, it’s also the same.