Issue: Can't untag an object from tag window

See this video. It’s not possible to remove an object’s tag from the tag window.

Can you give more specifics? Does it reproduce? If so then you can upload this database, I will test it. So far Ctrl+G window correctly adds/removes tags for me.

Below you can find my database, which contains only one file (thus a new virgin database):

Database.rar (115.2 KB)

On my side:
1-) I do Ctrl+G
2-) I select the object, then un-assign the tag ‘mario’ from the object.
3-) I deselect the object, then select it again, the tag ‘mario’ is still assigned to it.

Does it reproduce?

It’s been doing this for a long time for me, so it reproduces for any object.

I have reproduced this on my side. The issue is that first time Object Tags window is opened, if you click on a tag that is already assigned - it’s unchecked but remains assigned. Then, if you click again it’s assigned, and then if you click one more time - it will be unchecked and unassigned.

So the problem is with the first time you click on an assigned tag. We will fix it.

This was fixed in our internal build and will be available in the next update.

Fixed in version 0.74.1712-RC.