Issue [FIXED]: Last Imported's tab not launched after importing files

See this video:

I’m one of the beta-testers. I have updated Stagsi to the latest version. Now when I’m importing files,

  • the tab for the those last imported files isn’t launched automatically. 0:20 in video.
  • the Last Imported tag doesn’t seem to be assigned to those files. As you can see near the end of the video, ‘Last Imported’ tag can’t be found via auto-suggestion. 0:30 in video.


I just noticed those newly imported files aren’t even appearing in Stagsi. For example, if I use a tab to show ‘everything’ and sort by ‘added newest’, those files won’t show up. There seems to have an important hint at 0:10 where the result prompt is named ‘error’; files are marked as skipped, but are neither duplicate, invalid or repaired.

I’ve moved my database folder to the version I’ve been using since May and importing works as expected.

Please attach your video to this post directly so that it’s easier to find and doesn’t go away if deleted on YouTube.

Sorry, I didn’t know we could upload files on this forum. Alright, I’ve attached it. Uploading was pretty fast.

There was a bug in license checks that prevented importing files to large databases even if you had a key. However, it was fixed in the latest version (1677). Please update your installation and try again.

Thank you very much, it works like a charm now :smiley: