Issue: GIF thumbnails aren't generated after import

In the previous versions, importing gif files in Stagsi did the following things:

  • The ‘Animated’ tag was assigned to any gif object with an animation.
  • An animated thumbnail was generated.

In the current version, none of the mentioned behaviors above are fulfilled.

See video.

Please upload any of those GIF files that do not work for you.

Here are some of those gif files as requested.

some GIFs.rar (1.0 MB)

Works for me. Does it work if imported into a new empty database?


No success when importing in a virgin database either.

So it turns out Windows has locked Stagsi DLLs in Program Files which prevented thumbnails for GIFs (and other files) to work. I can’t really pin point the cause for this because it doesn’t repeat all the time.

If you face a similar problem again, open Properties of any DLL in Program Files\Stagsi\Plugins and see if it says “Unlock” on the bottom. Or just remove the entire Stagsi folder and install it again (don’t install without removing the folder, the locked state seems to persist unless you remove the file).

I have removed the Stagsi folder in program files and ran the installer again. Now it’s working. Thanks for the fast support!