Issue: 'Show in Explorer' bug

Hello Norkov, you can make the following test on your side.

Find any file you want to import in Stagsi. Add a comma in the filename and then import the file in Stagsi. When you try to use the ‘Show in Explorer’ command, it won’t find the file and simply show ‘This PC’ root.

In my case, I used a mp4 file called to reproduce this bug:
The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap [GBA] Longplay 4 August 31st, 2016


I also stumbled upon the same problem with another character: hashtag symbol.

I have a lot of files I download from the internet with the hashtag symbol, here’s an example among so many others:

Megadrive Longplay #14 Castlevania Bloodlines


I notice this issue seems to be related to Windows 10 directly, which is a shame. The reason I’m coming to this conclusion is because searching for let’s say “tutorial #1” in explorer won’t find a file named “tutorial #1.pdf” whatsoever, but searching for “tutorial” alone will allow to find “tutorial #1.pdf”.

I hope other people can confirm this rather annoying issue in Windows 10. I also wonder if Stagsi could find a smart way to find files with special characters in explorer, otherwise I’ll have to begin renaming those files on my hdd, and I probably have thousands of them.

If there’s no workaround for this issue, it means every time I download a file from the internet I’ll have to task myself to check their filename to make sure to comply to explorer behavior for searching. Maybe Stagsi can fix such unconventional filenames during import.

I confirm this bug, it’s due to missing quotes. To select a file in Explorer, we run this command: explorer.exe /select,FILENAME. The FILENAME part should be quoted: explorer.exe /select,"FILENAME". If you don’t quote it, Explorer won’t select files with #, , and other special symbols. This will be fixed in the next update.

No, Windows Search has been broken starting with Vista. In XP, it used to be very straightforward - it searched for the file name mask you have entered directly. But Vista added fancy search with special characters, things like time:FOO and other keywords, and it entirely broke the search. You now have to use 3rd party tools :skull_and_crossbones:


The advanced search is often very useful, for example kind: picture will return results that are image specific, but I agree it make simple search broken. They should have allowed a way to toggle between simple and advanced search modes.

I don’t know if there was an attempt to fix it, but it seems to keep occuring with version 0.74.1712.