Request: Search for nested tags

I’ve been using Stagsi for some time now and I really like how complex the tag nesting and queries can be and to my knowledge this is the only software that does that.

I’ve got a question, and this might be a feature request, but I’ve got this problem with search.
For exemple, let’s say I’ve got a bunch of pictures of cats and dogs playing or resting, and I make this tag hierarchy:

  • Cat
    • Playing
    • Resting
  • Dog
    • Playing
    • Resting

So, now I can actually search for pictures in which a dog is playing and a cat is resting by searching “Cat/Resting Dog/Playing”. But I can’t search for all images with an animal playing (searching “Playing” doesn’t work, I got “Stags query error: Multiple tags (2) are titled “Playing””). The way would be to search “Cat/Playing | Dog/Playing” but it quickly becomes very tedious as I add more tags. Is there a way to do this that I’m missing?

While I understand your intention, there is currently no way to do this.

Stagsi strives to prevent errors. Normally, smth is a tag name. It can be full name like Cat/Playing or short name like Playing provided there is no other tag anywhere with this name. But if there are many tags named Playing, Stagsi doesn’t know you want to search all tags with this name no matter their parent - it thinks you want to search some specific tag but forgot that other tags with the same name exist, so it wants you to clarify the term with the full name.

To sweeten the pill, you can use F4 in the tags window:


  1. Ctrl+G to open the window
  2. Focus the filter input and type play
  3. Select tags with the mouse and press F4

To speed up future searches, you can save this query (the star button) and access it from Ctrl+E (double click to search in this tab, Ctrl+C to copy so you can paste it into a more complex search, etc.). The downside is that you’ll have to update this saved search if you add more Playing tags.

P.S: on the side note, the inverse of what you want is possible. Searching for Cat and all its subtags requires the tilde prefix: ~Cat (docs).

Thank you for your answer, I didn’t know about the F4 trick, that we’ll do I think.