Unusable Tag Manager and Other Bugs

Have thrown a little bit of grit at my big project of tagging a ton of files for content creation. These bugs might be a latest version release, some make the program practically unusable while others have simple workarounds, and some just limit features. Here’s a compilation of what I’ve noticed:

azlef900 Stagsi Bug Tracker:

-Severe!!! Issues with Tag Manager. Tag Manager unresponsive most times, can’t left click tags sometimes. Renaming tags impossible, also having a problem where I create a tag that can’t be edited and it’s name is “new tag 1” until I manage to open and close the tag manager enough times where it allows me to right click and delete it.
Another issue where highlighting one tag, and then clicking the tag immediately above or below it assigns the initially highlighted tag as the other tag’s child (I’m assuming the intended behavior is to drag it)

Workarounds: be careful of which tag you highlight, delete bugged tags, most tags still un-renamable. Opening and closing the tag manager over and over can help mitigate issues.

-Issues with splitting databases - Error popup that nothing can be imported at all. Another error where some tags don’t properly transfer to the new database (this second error might have been from when I tried importing tags to a database that wasn’t completely fresh/ new, i.e). (No workarounds found)


-Can’t drag and drop the first file in a library out of stagsi (into a folder, or video editing software for example).

Workarounds: Simple workaround, open original file location and move file as necessary

-Chrome/ Windows Defender doesn’t allow the install download from the stagsi website because it thinks the .exe is malware

Also I have a couple questions. Is there anyway to drag an image out of the software and have it link back to its original file location instead of the temp folder it seems to draw from? This isn’t a big deal because it’s trivially easy to just open the original file location in explorer anyways, but would be nice, especially for moving files into something like premiere pro.
Also are there any publicly available importable tag lists? So like “Animals” as a parent with a ton of common animals as it’s children, “Numbers” with tags 1-999, etc. - Just curious!

Again throwing down a $30 bounty for the database splitting and tag manager bugs. I will say that I had my Stagsi database on my C:/ drive if that matters, but I moved it to another drive and encountered the same issues with both the tag manager and splitting databases.

This is strange, I haven’t encountered anything like this on any of my systems. I see you’re using Windows 11 - this might be the cause as Stagsi was never tested there. My other bet would be to try an older version (0.74.1712) although I’d be surprised if it matters because we didn’t touch this dialog.

How are you doing the "splitting? There’s no such operation in Stagsi. To “split”, you’d need to create a new database, then use Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V (in Stagsi) from the old database into the new one, then delete copied entries from the old database. This should preserve tags.

If this doesn’t work for some reason, you’d have to copy the entire database folder and manually delete half objects in database A and half in B.

Your video shows how you drag the mouse within the Stagsi window - in this case drop will never work (since you must drag out of Stagsi). You should be able to drag something from Stagsi into Explorer and back. Dropping into another program’s window works only if that program accepts this kind of drag & drop.

Interesting. Our build process is the same as it was 4 years ago except last versions are not signed. That’s probably the reason but we can’t address it now.

Stagsi copies image files inside its database (%appdata%\Soletude\Stagsi\Database\123) unless you use Link mode (when importing) and because there’s no longer any connection to the original image file, dragging takes the copied image. In Link mode, dragging should drag the original image (since there’s no copy). In any case, no temporary folders should be used.

As an alternative to drag & drop, you can customize File Associations so that when you “open” an object (double click or press Enter) you get a dialog where you can pick Paint (or anything else). That will also work either on the file’s copy or original (Link).

No, as everyone has different needs.

This fix worked for me - Just copying the entire database folder into another folder on your hard drive, and deleting everything you don’t want. I envisioned “splitting” a database as creating a master database first and then splitting into smaller databases that are identifiable by a single tag. Before I was copying everything I wanted (in stagsi) and pasting it into a new database.

This was a video that did a terrible job describing the problem I was encountering. When the “error” icon shows up on the cursor as I’m dragging and dropping files, everything is working as intended. I was trying to demonstrate how it didn’t show up for the first media file in a list, still really not a big issue or anything.

That’s weird because I do use link mode and it still generates the temporary files o.0 That might be a weird thing from it specifically being dragged into premiere pro, or because the stagsi database is on my C:/ drive idek

Tag manager is still problematic, everything else is working smoothly enough. I’ll try reverting back to an earlier version and see if that fixes things

Now I get it. Haven’t seen this either. Does it happen only when that object is the first in the search results? Or it always happens for that object even if you search for Everything, for example?

Naturally, dragging wouldn’t work for objects that are missing the associated data file (i.e. if you have renamed the Link’ed file; Launching the object also won’t work, although with an alert) but this should be indicated by the Corrupted tag (unless you’ve disabled background checks) which I don’t see on your video.

Sorry, it’s slipped my mind. Drag & drop in Windows works by first writing the dragged data into a temporary folder and then invoking the target program on that folder. This way the program can work on the data as it does on a regular file (clipboard data is different). This is the case even when you’re dropping into Explorer, you just don’t experience any delay because this double copy is fast. However, if you drop a huge file then you should even see a regular file copy dialog (freezing both Stagsi and Explorer until it ends). This isn’t something Stagsi has any control of.

As a workaround, if File Associations doesn’t work for you, you can create an entry in the Tools menu for passing selected object(s) into the program of your choice (provided Premier Pro has some API to accept them). https://stagsi.com/cookbook/#Data.html#Tools

I can echo that there’s some sort of problem with the tag manager on the newer release. It’s always had performance issues when showing a very large list of tags, but as of the new version it seems to be repeatedly reloading, such that it’s impossible to rename a tag because it will reload the view while you are typing. It also scrolls to either the top or bottom each time, and this is happening maybe every two seconds. Oddly enough it seems to be intermittent, if I repeatedly open the tag manager sometimes it’s usable.

At first I thought it might be a consequence of having a very large number of tags displayed, but if I use the filter bar to make it show only a few, it still sometimes behaves this way.

Which of the two? 1797 or 1802?

Sorry, this is 1802. I’ll give 1797 a try and see if it’s different.